Guided tour of the game: Take care of your reptiles

The management page of your reptile

In Reptilzer, you have a page on which you will be able to perform different actions with your reptile.

The game progress will be dotted with different key steps that will let your reptile do new actions, progress and participate in reptile shows in order to reach the best level!

Take good care of your reptile

Your main role as a reptile breeder is to ensure your reptiles are in the best possible condition. To do so, you must do your best to take good care of your reptiles. You will quickly learn what will considerably improve your reptile's condition.

Increase your reptile's specialities

Over time, with the different actions of the game, your reptile will improve in his/her specialities. You will have to find the best way to improve them as fast as possible without deteriorating his/her condition at the same time!
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Reptilzer - Take care of your reptiles
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