Your premz' account
Credit your premz' account
How to win or get premz'?
Premz' are a rare and precious currency.

With premz', you can get bonuses for your reptiles, farms, groups and fan clubs, as well as the new species that are exclusively available. All of this can be found in the Cave of Secrets.
Your premz' account
The number of premz' you have is permanently displayed at the top of the page.

Click on it to get details of your account. You will also see all the operations that have cost you or earned you premz'.
You can even consult the figures for a particular reptile or farm.
Credit your premz' account
You can get additional premz' at any time.

Simply choose the number of premz' that you would like as well as one of the payment methods available in your country.

Transactions are completely secure and your premz' account is credited immediately after your purchase.
Moreover, your premz' do not have an expiration date.

You can achieve large savings by buying a larger quantity of premz' at one time. Take advantage!
How to win or get premz'?
The premz' are very rare and let you purchase bonuses and objects of a very high quality. The easiest way to get some is to order them directly by micropayment through the credit premz' page.

But there are also other ways to get some for free:
-By selling reptiles for premz'.
-By creating yourself scales and making them accessible to all the players of the game with the Artist Palette bonus. You will get, thanks to this, a premz' every 3 purchases of a scale by the players of the game with a limit of 10 premz' by scale at maximum.
-By converting coins into premz'.
-By obtaining 30 progress stars when you improve a species you will automatically get 1 premz'.
-By going past the stage of 100 reputation points, you will get premz'.
-By winning golden Eggs and/or golden Eggs.
-By sponsoring a player, when he/she makes his/her first premz' purchase, you will get 1 premz'.
-By sponsoring a player and every 10 purchase he/she makes, you will get 1 premz'.
-By participating in exceptional contests organized by the game's team.