Gifts for your reptiles every day until December 25!

Gifts for your reptiles every day until December 25!

The countdown has begun… Christmas is coming. And we’re not complaining because it’s so great to get together with the family, have a good time and exchange gifts during the end of year holiday period.

But don’t your ~~ENTITE[1][NOM_COURT_PLURIEL]~~ deserve gifts too?

It your answer to that question is yes, we are giving you the opportunity to give them not one, but 25 (!) gifts, and also to let them join you in the Christmas countdown.

Quite simply by giving them one of the two Advent Calendars that we have on offer in the ~~MENU[12][NOM]~~ section.

For each of your ~~ENTITE[1][NOM_COURT_PLURIEL]~~ that gets an Advent Calendar, you can come and open it every day to receive a surprise. 

The presents you can receive with the Advent Calendars are many and varied:
- the Standard Advent Calendar contains:
--> bonuses (including ~~BONUS[59][NOM]~~, ~~BONUS[7][NOM]~~, ~~BONUS[38][NOM]~~, ~~BONUS[5][NOM]~~, ~~BONUS[50][NOM]~~, ~~BONUS[60][NOM]~~, ~~BONUS[20][NOM]~~...).

- the Deluxe Advent Calendar contains:
--> bonuses (including ~~BONUS[17][NOM]~~, ~~BONUS[9][NOM]~~, ~~BONUS[59][NOM]~~, ~~BONUS[7][NOM]~~, ~~BONUS[38][NOM]~~, ~~BONUS[5][NOM]~~, ~~BONUS[50][NOM]~~, ~~BONUS[60][NOM]~~, ~~BONUS[20][NOM]~~...).

We are also making the following packs available to you:
- one pack containing 15 standard Advent Calendars, for just 10 ~~MONNAIE[2][NOM_PLURIEL]~~ instead of 15 (you save 5 ~~MONNAIE[2][NOM_PLURIEL]~~);
- one pack containing 10 Deluxe Advent Calendars, for just 20 ~~MONNAIE[2][NOM_PLURIEL]~~ instead of 30 (you save 10 ~~MONNAIE[2][NOM_PLURIEL]~~). 

We hope that lots of you will take advantage of this offer and have a great time with your ~~ENTITE[1][NOM_COURT_PLURIEL]~~ and their Advent Calendars.

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