Prices slashed in four on products in the shop!

Prices slashed in four on products in the shop!

As you may have noticed, the new version of the page for playing with your reptiles represents an important stage in terms of the creative possibilities offered to players. It makes it much easier and faster to create some magnificent scenes that combine reptiles, items from the shop and bonuses against splendid backgrounds that can be obtained using the landscape of Venus bonus.

And because good news travels in pairs, we have decided to cut in four the price of all of the decorative items in the shop.
That makes just over 2,000 price reductions that are on offer to you today, in order to make creating magnificent backgrounds scenes as affordable as possible.

More than 2,000 products in the shop and no fewer than one hundred backgrounds are available using the landscape of Venus…: the creative possibilities that are open to you are almost infinite 

So, it’s up to you now to throw yourself into the game and make your reptiles completely unique and exceptional. In fact, why not post links to the scenes you create using these bargain items in the comments below to share your creations, introduce your reptiles, earn some votes and move up the rankings! 

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