Take a trip to the sun with the month of Iran!

Take a trip to the sun with the month of Iran!

This month we are celebrating a country from the Middle East on Reptilzer and the different games by Dreamzer Games: Iran.

Almost as big as Germany, France, Britain and Spain put together, this is a country that has many different facets: deserts, mountains and sea. Iran was originally the Kingdom of Persia in ancient times and the land stretched from Egypt to India, with enormous influence on the culture of the Roman world. Its heritage is a blend of ancient monuments and Islam.

To celebrate the Republic of Iran, we have chosen the Mosque of Nasir al-Molk in Shiraz as our new background. Bathed in the light of the rising sun, it is a majestic place that will look fantastic on the pages of your reptiles (using the landscape of Venus), on your farms' pages (using the landscape of Apollo) or on your breeder page (using the landscape of Athena).

And to complete the picture, some new items that are representative of Iran have hit the shop: cheetah, cobra, amulet, Persian rug, Aladdin’s lamp ... These are just a few of the items that will put you into the atmosphere of this country!

Have a great month of Iran on Reptilzer and all the games by Dreamzer Games and remember to share links in the comments to your new creations that use the new background or the new items so you can get some votes!

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