Discover Romania with your companions!

Discover Romania with your companions!

Calling all animal lovers – this month you are going to discover a little-known country that is full of surprises! That’s right, we are going to be celebrating Romania throughout the month on Reptilzer and on all the games by Dreamzer Games.

When it comes to vacations, are you a nature lover or a culture vulture? Whatever you choose, you won’t be disappointed if you visit Romania!

This little country has magnificent landscapes with mountains, forests and even a little piece of the Black Sea. And its heritage will leave you spoiled for choice, with of course the capital Bucharest, and also churches, monasteries and castles dotted around the country.
Speaking of castles, the legendary castle of Count Dracula is the subject of our new background: you can personalize the scene however you want with the new items available in the shop that are representative of Romania and the terrifying Count Dracula.

Have fun playing on Reptilzer, and be sure to post links in the comments to your new creations based around this new exclusive background and/or the items from Romania. That way your artistic talents can help you to win some votes!

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