Reptilzer is doubling your premz' to celebrate the new version of the game!

Let’s be honest: in July and August, we haven’t been spoiling you as much as usual with new species, new backgrounds, new items, etc. This is related to the fact that we have been working like crazy on finalizing the first stage of the overhaul of Reptilzer

By the way, we want to thank you for your feedback about the new version. Overall, it seems very positive and confirms that all the trouble we have been to over the past year has been worth it. 

Now, as good news travels in pairs, we have decided to bring a smile to your faces! That is why starting now and until Sunday night, any premz' purchases will be doubled

This means that if you decide to buy 10 premz' to treat your reptiles and /or treat yourself to one of our exclusive species, you will receive not 10, but 20 premz'.

The time has come to be good to yourself. Remember – this kind of opportunity doesn’t come around very often.
The icing on the cake is that you can take advantage of the offer as many times as you want and make several purchases. There is no limit to the number of free premz' you can receive.

Happy shopping, and above all, have fun playing with all your favorite reptiles! 

P.S: this exceptional offer is only available using a certain number of payment options because of the high commissions charged by the various intermediaries when using other payment methods. Whenever possible, always opt to pay for your premz' purchases using a credit card, Paypal, bank transfer or bank check.

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Reptilzer is doubling your premz' to celebrate the new version of the game!
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