Discover Iceland with your companions this month!

Discover Iceland with your companions this month!

After Cuba and Madagascar, we are back in Europe, almost at the Polar circle: This month on Reptilzer and all the games by Dreamzer Games we will be celebrating Iceland.

This very sparsely populated land will win you over with its wild appearance and contrasting landscapes in which fire and ice blend together. To celebrate this country in style, we are making a new landscape available, representing an aurora borealis hanging over the icefields. This new landscape will allow you to show off your dogs (using the Landscape of Venus), your breedings(using the Landscape of Apollo) or your breeder page (using the Landscape of Athena) to their best advantage.

What’s more, the shop has stocked up on new items that are emblematic of Iceland: traditional sweaters, volcanos and geysers, along with penguins, orcas and whales. Everything you need to make your stay unforgettable!

Actually, why not post links in the comments to the scenes you create using this new background and / or these new items, so that other members of the community can discover them and vote for them.

Finally, throughout the month, you will get to enjoy the arrival of new animals that come from Iceland on several of the games by Dreamzer Games.

Make the most of the month of Iceland and have fun playing on Reptilzer and on all the games by Dreamzer Games!

Landscape of Venus
Offer the Iceland background to a reptile

Landscape of Athena
Display the Iceland background on your breeder page

Landscape of Apollo
Display the Iceland background on one of your farms

See new items available in the shop

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