Head to Nepal with your companions!

Head to Nepal with your companions!

Land of legend, birthplace of Buddha, the roof of the world... We are heading to Nepal this month, a "small" country that nonetheless culminates at 29,000 feet!

To enjoy the best views, you should treat yourself to our new background, the legendary base camp of the no less legendary Mount Everest, against a backdrop of mountains and prayer flags. To complete the picture, take a trip to the shop where you will find some new accessories that are typical of Nepal such as yaks, incense, a Buddhist monk

You will soon have everything you need to set the scene with your companions on the theme of Nepal; your designs may also win you some votes if you post a link to their URL in the comments.
Finally, keep your eyes peeled throughout the month, because some new animals from Nepal will be joining the ranks of several of the games by Dreamzer Games.

Have fun playing on Reptilzer and on all the games by Dreamzer Games!

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