June is the month of Belgium on Reptilzer

June is the month of Belgium on Reptilzer

It’s just a short walk from Grand-Place to the Îlot-Sacré district and you cannot miss it. From there, you are so close that you can actually hear the water flowing from the famous Manneken-Pis fountain. After this not-to-be-missed stop, you can simply follow your nose and let yourself be guided by the cooking aromas from the many little shops in which you can taste specialties such as fricadelles, fries and waffles… Welcome to Belgium!

Back to the city!

The wide open spaces of our recent voyages in Norway, Mongolia and South Africa are gone: this month, we are settling in a city and we will be enjoying the magnificent architectural gems to be found in Brussels.
So, we are suggesting that you spend some time with your companions on the Grand-Place in Brussels. To do this, simply install the new background to one of your reptiles' pages (using the landscape of Venus), to the page of one of your farms(using the landscape of Apollo) or to your breeder page (using the landscape of Athena).

In the shop: fries, waffles, beer...

Are you feeling hungry? It could be the right time to stop by the shop where a large number of local specialties await you. You will also find everything you need to dress your companions in the colors of Belgium.

One final thing: keep your eyes peeled because over the next few days some new companions to adopt will be appearing on several games by Dreamzer Games, along with other surprises.

Until then, have lots of fun! 

Landscape of Venus
Offer the Brussels background to a reptile

Landscape of Athena
Display the Brussels background on your breeder page

Landscape of Apollo
Display the Brussels background on one of your farms

See new items available in the shop

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