Find items from New Zealand and win gifts!

Find items from New Zealand and win gifts!

You have clearly been inspired by New Zealand because the landscape available to you has already found many takers, and here at Dreamzer Games we have lost count of the number of virtual companions that are strutting around this magnificent country, whether on Reptilzer or on our other animal games.

Regular players know, and new players will discover that just like every month, it’s time to take part in the game of hidden items and win as many gifts as possible!

How do I play?

Starting today, keep your eyes peeled while you play on Reptilzer.
We have hidden some of the items that appeared in the shop with the launch of the month of New Zealand here and there throughout the site.

If you see one, click on it…. You’re a winner! 
Be warned: the game is for a limited time only. You have until the end of the month to try your luck.

What do I win?

hourglasses, coins and exclusive items are up for grabs, and more!
If you succeed in finding all of the hidden items, you win the big prize. But we won’t tell you any more about that, to keep the surprise intact... 

Don’t forget that you can add the typical items from New Zealand that have appeared in the shop to the magnificent background that is on offer for the occasion. Whether you feature it on your reptiles' pages – using the landscape of Venus -, on those of your farms–using the landscape of Apollo – or on your own breeder page – using the landscape of Athena -, you’ve got what it takes to create some uniquely splendid scenes. 

Over to you!

See new items available in the shop

Landscape of Venus
Offer the New Zealand background to a reptile

Landscape of Athena
Display the New Zealand background on your breeder page

Landscape of Apollo
Display the New Zealand background on one of your farms

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