Feel like some sun and sandy beaches? It’s the month of South Africa on Reptilzer!

Feel like some sun and sandy beaches? It’s the month of South Africa on Reptilzer!

All the members of the team here at Dreamzer Games wish you a Happy New Year for 2016.
To get it off to a good start we are offering a new destination, a new country that will be highlighted for one month on Reptilzer and on all of our games.

It’s a new country, but not just a new country:  this month, we are celebrating a whole new continent!
After many other different destinations and countries, Dreamzer Games is now whisking you away to the African continent for the very first time. 

From 5°... To 59° F!

After the harsh cold of the Norwegian fjords in December, your companions are now about to spend the rest of the winter on a white sandy beach in Cape Town. At a stone’s throw from the Cape of Good Hope, at the tip of West Africa, the parliamentary capital of the rainbow nation and its Mediterranean climate are welcoming you with open arms.

With an average temperature that is over 59° F all year round, there are worse places to spend a vacation, don’t you think? 

Let’s go then!

To head for Cape Town, nothing could be easier!
Simply install the new panoramic background on one of your reptiles' pages (using the landscape of Venus), on the page of one of your farms (using the landscape of Apollo) or even on your very own breeder page (using the landscape of Athena). 

New and colorful items

Just like every time we highlight a new country, the shop has stocked up on lots of new items.
They are all connected to South African culture and imagery, and these items are waiting for you to put them in your backgrounds and create some magnificent scenes.

But that’s not all: keep your eyes peeled, because over the next few days, new animals that are typical of the South African landscape will be joining the menagerie at Dreamzer Games.

In the meanwhile, we’ll leave you to settle on the beach with your reptiles. Don’t forget to send us a postcard! 

Landscape of Venus
Offer the Cape Town background to a reptile

Landscape of Athena
Display the Cape Town background on your breeder page

Landscape of Apollo
Display the Cape Town background on one of your farms

See new items available in the shop

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