New items in the Reptilzer Shop: Signs!


Have you ever dreamed of controlling the traffic on Reptilzer like a real police officer? Are you dying to learn the meanings of the signs your reptiles need to know in order to get their driving license? It is now possible! 

A new category of objects have just arrived in the Reptilzer Shop: Signs! We know you can barely wait to add these signs to your collection of decorations and objects in order to make great and/or amazing sets! The category includes conventional signs, stopno-entrydangerno pedestriansbikes prohibitedhonking banparking prohibitedu-turn prohibited, but also more “exotic” signs, such as “kangaroo crossing”, “deer crossing”, “beware of cows”, and even “be cautious of rhinoceros”. And these are just a few examples, because there are approximately thirty different signs available, and as a result, you will definitely find something to make you happy! 

You can offer these items to your reptiles, but they can also appear on your breeder page (with the landscape of Athena) or on the page of your kennel club (with the landscape of Apollo).

As always, if you are a member of the Reptilzer Club, you can get a few items at lower prices (a few signs are even exclusively reserved for members). 

For those who are not yet member of Reptilzer Club, know that Reptilzer Club provides access to exclusive features and special advantages to further enjoy Reptilzer with!

Once your signs are in place, don’t hesitate to post the link in the comments of this news to show your work to everyone, and perhaps even collect a few votes! 

Good game to all of you! 

P.S. – Why not test out a few of these new objects on the superb In the street, background? The results should be stunning! 

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New items in the Reptilzer Shop: Signs!
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