Would you like to change your reptile's appearance?

Offer it one Fantastic scale, so that you can replace its original scale with an authentic design from another player. You can choose from over ')", '', 24*60)##)## unique designs!

Not only will this change its appearance, but it will also increase its level!

And even if your reptile already has this bonus, you can offer it a new copy in order to change its scale again.

You can also browse and note all of the available scales.
Do you dream of designing and creating an original new look for one or more of your reptiles?

The Artist Palette can make your dream a reality!
Design your own scales by hand or on a computer, then post them with the Artist Palette.

Your designs will be reviewed by our team within a few days or weeks.
You’ll be informed by PM as to whether or not it has been accepted.

The accepted designs will be published on Reptilzer and will be available to all through the Fantastic scale.

In other words, not only will you be able to use them, rather than the game’s default scales, for your reptiles, but all of the breeders will be able to do the same. And that will earn you coins and premz'!

If your design is refused due to not respecting the conditions of publishing, you’ll get a new copy of the bonus. In this way you’ll be able to make the necessary changes and re-submit your work for free.

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The reptile scales

Here are the 0 scales available to give your reptiles a new appearance using the Fantastic scale bonus.

If you feel the artist spirit stirring within, why not create a scale of your own for Reptilzer? You can submit it via the Artist Palette bonus.
The reptile scales
  There are no scales for this species yet. You can:
- put forward a scale for this species with the Artist Palette bonus.