Do you love reptiles and love to have fun?

To change a bit from the reptiles you take care of on Reptilzer, there are 59 free mini Flash games about reptiles available. They are free to play and there is no time limit. Enough to pass the time for hours!

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Croc River
Games Croc River
Jump over crocodiles to cross the river!
Frog jumping
Games Frog jumping
How far will your frog fly?
Frog Tongue game
Games Frog Tongue game
Catch bugs with your long tongue and get points!
Frog Tongue Games
Games Frog Tongue Games
Grab all the dragonflies with your tongue!
Frog adventure
Games Frog adventure
How far will your explorer frog get?
Frog Adventures
Games Frog Adventures
Get to the end of the forest with your frog!
Snake Fighting
Games Snake Fighting
Help this reptile warrior fight back!
Snake Blow up
Games Snake Blow up
Blow up boxes with your explosive snake!
Robot Snake
Games Robot Snake
Watch your robo snake grow!
Snake Dressup
Games Snake Dressup
Make your own snake!
Snake Dress up
Games Snake Dress up
Dress up your own snake!

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