Do you love reptiles and love to have fun?

To change a bit from the reptiles you take care of on Reptilzer, there are 59 free mini Flash games about reptiles available. They are free to play and there is no time limit. Enough to pass the time for hours!

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Turtle Games
Games Turtle Games
Help this turtle collect coins and diamonds underwater!
Turtles Games
Games Turtles Games
Knock these turtles together and clear the pool!
Lizard Games
Games Lizard Games
How many yummy bugs and insects will your lizard catch with his tongue?
Lizard Game
Games Lizard Game
Save this lizard from the hungry cobra chasing him!
Chameleon Games
Games Chameleon Games
Help this shy chameleon camouflage himself - and be quick!
Chameleon Game
Games Chameleon Game
Eat bugs with your chameleon!
Crocodile Games
Games Crocodile Games
Get this crocodile out of this maze in one piece!
Crocodile Game
Games Crocodile Game
Survive the sewers with your crocodile!
Hungry Crocs
Games Hungry Crocs
Collect treasure and avoid the crocodiles!
Snakes Game
Games Snakes Game
Eat mice and watch your snake grow!
Killer Crocs
Games Killer Crocs
Watch out for killer crocs in your speedboat!
Snappy Crocs
Games Snappy Crocs
Crush the crocs with blocks!

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