Free reptile game: Lizard Game

This poor green lizard is running for his life in this free flash game! There's a huge and terrifying cobra snake right on his heels!
You need to run as fast as you can so that this cobra doesn't catch you! Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move your lizard and the up arrow to jump. You need to jump over boulders, wooden boxes and over crevices or else the cobra will get you! Hold down the up arrow to go further. Aim for the fruit to keep your stamina up and keep your lizard running fast!
Also, if your stamina meter at the top right reaches the red zone, you can hit space bar to go into hyper dash mode! You can run through boulders in this mode so make the most of it! The way to fill up your stamina meter is to eat all the fruit you see along the way.
Can you save this poor lizard from the hungry cocobrabra?

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