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Other Dreamzer Games games
A tail-wagging game!
Adopt and take care of one or several virtual dogs! Feed and look after your puppy, watch it grow and progress, then make it a champion in the dog shows. Organize with other players to breed with their dogs and get puppies! Get a job (groomer, vet...) or create your own kennel club to take care of your friends' dogs.
The riding game for horse lovers.
This horse riding game takes you into the world of horses and horse racing where you can manage your very own stable. You will find everything that gives horse riding its charm, including lots of horse breeds to train and all the famous equestrian competitions: trotting or galloping races, dressage contests, polo or horse-ball matches... Take care of your first foal and make it grow from your love. Then you can continually improve your favorite horse breeds by choosing yourself the best stallions and mares to produce the best foals for the future of the breed.
Explore the Savannah, the amazing world of the animal king!
Who hasn't dreamed of going to Africa and exploring the Savannah and the dry lands of the animal king? This game lets you hang out with lions, meerkats, zebras, warthogs... and all this in your home for free! Become an explorer who is passionate about the Savannah and the wild animals it holds. Create your own African reserve and manage it as you see fit to look after other players' wild animals.
The game for fish and ocean lovers!
Dolphins, whales, penguins, sea turtles, killer whales... If you are passionate about the ocean and have always dreamed of taking care of a fish that's not in captivity then this game is for you! You will explore the ocean as you have never done it before. Become a diver or an oceanographer specializing in marine plant and wildlife. As you go along, you could even open your own ocean reserve to look after all the marine animals of your dreams!
Breath that fresh mountain air!
Eagles, falcons, bears, owls... Come and discover all the animals living in the mountains! Learn more about their natural habitat, behavior, diet and put your knowledge to the test. As you progress, you will be able to run your own Mountain Nature Reserve and look after the animals belonging to other players.
Dive into the heart of the jungle!
Discover the jungle as you've never seen it before! This amazing game takes into the heart of a tropical jungle. You will find the animals living in this mysterious and mostly untouched environment. If you have always dreamed of playing with a tiger, gorilla or chimpanzee then this game is for you! By moving forward through your missions, you will become a tropical plant and wildlife expert and you could then create your own jungle and manage it as you see fit to look after all the jungle animals of your dreams!
The farm as you've always wanted it!
Ever dreamed of owning a farm, of looking after your own goats, pigs or cows and then winning the biggest global agricultural fairs through your work as a farmer? Then this game is for you! Create your own farm, adopt all the farm animals you like and give them all your love to make them the best animal specimens and win the most prestigious agricultural awards! You could even get a farm predator to annoy your friends and their animals! Feel free to take responsibility for your friends' animals and look after them in your own farm by showing them your love.
The ultimate game for rodent fans!
This game is for all the rodent lovers out there. Whether you like mice, hamsters, rats, guinea pigs, chinchillas or gerbils, there's something for everyone in this game! Your main goal is to have the best rodents in the game and to continually improve your favorite species by breeding well with other rodents. You could even create your own fan club and look after other players' rodents.
Take off and adopt all the birds of your dreams!
This game is without a doubt the most thorough game focusing solely on the wonderful world of birds! With this community-based game, become a real ornithologist or birdwatcher. Choose your first bird from the dozens of species available and get enough experience to open your own bird park for the other players' birds!
Discover the fantastic world of these magic cats!
Dive into the Shinycatz' world and discover these cats and their magic powers! Look after one or several Shinycatz', help them progress in the game and play with the Shinycatz' of other players in fabulous adventures in the streets of Paris. Avoid traps set by the mean Badcatz' and the evil Violaine and take good care of your furry proteges!